Quarterly Journal – Kvekeren

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The periodical Tidsskriftet KVEKEREN will publish expressions of the religious outlook and attitude of the Religious Society of Friends in Norway, and try to see questions of current interest in a Quaker perspective. It should provide information to others about the Society of Friends and Quaker thinking.

Norway Yearly Meeting elects an editorial committee consisting of an editor and up to 5 members, as well as treasurer and someone responsible for distribution. Norway Yearly Meeting draws up guidelines for the management of the publication, while the editor has the editorial responsibility. Members of the editorial committee are responsible for finding and preparing manuscripts in cooperation with the editor.

  • Editorial Committee:
  • Marit Kromberg, editor
  • Per Eivind Hestnæs
  • Egil Mardal Johannessen
  • Jens Steensberg
  • Hans Eirik Aarek
  • Judy Rangnes, treasurer
  • Editorial Office:
  • Grønland 12, 0188 OSLO, Norway
  • E-mail:
  • kvekeren@kveker.org
  • Distribution:
  • Marit Zeiffert, Østre Strandgt 28, 4610 KRISTIANSAND
  • Printing:
  • R. Stav Johanssen Trykkeri AS, KRISTIANSAND
  • Quarterly Journal – ISSN 1503-5719
  • The publication is quarterly, and the price is NOK 200,- per annum. The publication may be ordered at any Norwegian Post Office or by writing to our distribution office. Norwegian bank account No. 0532 13 53101