Norwegian Quaker Press

Norwegian Quaker Press was established in 1978 by Vennenes Samfunn Kvekerne.

Norwegian Quaker Press is charged with the task of publishing material which may express Quaker thought in respect of religious, ethical and social questions, as well as other literature which seems important. Norway Yearly Meeting draws up guidelines for the activities of Norwegian Quaker Press and elects a committee of up to five persons to manage the daily activities and be responsible for the editorial policy.

Editor: Hans Eirik Aarek
Treasurer: Marit Kromberg

Norwegian Quaker Press has published about 70 different pamphlets and books, several of them in a subscription series. A few books are published in English for the international market (e.g. John Ashford: A Time for Verse and a book to celebrate Sigrid H Lund’s 90th birthday: Quakerism – a Way of Life).