200 Years of Quaker Presence in Norway

Regular meetings for worship are held in Stavanger, Oslo, and Kristiansand, and there are worship groups in Bergen, Bø, the Mandal area, Smøla, and Trondheim where all are welcome. The Norwegian Society of Friends is a member of the Christian Council of Norway. Link to meetings for worship here.

Our Clerk is Hanne Elisabet Hognestad. Contact: kveker@kveker.org.

The first Norwegian Quakers became convinced while they were prisoners of war along the river Thames during the Napoleonic wars. After many years of hardship on the prison ships, but also support and friendship from English Friends, around 20 returned to their various towns and villages in Norway and started to practice their new religious conviction and live according to Quaker principles. Norwegian Friends were organised into two Disciplinary Meetings in 1818, one in Stavanger and one in Oslo, then Christiania. Norwegian Friends are in the process of celebrating their 200 years of presence in Norway.