Notes from AVP workshop in Kristiansand

By Yousif Badawi (AVP facilitator)

Every AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) workshop is a different journey. Here are a few of my impressions from the workshop held 31st March – 2nd April in Kristiansand:

In the level 1 workshop in Kristiansand, the participants chose to give some topics more focus. Many different exercises and activities took place, but three of them got extra attention.

The participants discussed and diagnosed violence and non-violence using the AVP model of the tree of violence and the tree of non-violence. These bring out the linkages between the roots, fruits and the trunk (the system sustainers) of both violence and nonviolence. The technique helped the participants to discuss in depth at both personal and societal levels.

The second issue that expecially caught the participants’ interest was the exercise on “I messages” and principles of non-violent communication. The facilitator Sjur Ole Nesbø made interesting links between theory and practice, getting participants involved in different role plays involving the spectre from aggression to kindness roles.

Transforming power – a central AVP concept – also got its time for focus. The group worked together on conflict-telling, identifying the conflict first, then grappling with turning points and possible, creative solutions. Getting to the heart of transforming power was possible – as it often is – by sharing experience first, then discussing the theories and concepts afterwards.

Some impressions from our weekend together:

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